• info_outlineVersion: 0.3.3
    todayDate: 20.10.2019
    Update on genre correlation values by user feedbacks.
    Add temperature variable for song suggestions.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.3.2
    todayDate: 02.08.2019
    Improvements on UI.
    Add final report, presentation and publish source code.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.3.1
    todayDate: 04.06.2019
    Add song genre suggestion feedback system.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.3.0
    todayDate: 22.04.2019
    Improvements on genre predictions.
    KNN implementation for better matching algorithm.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.2.2
    todayDate: 15.04.2019
    Improvements on deep learning model.
    New logo and graphics.
    Improvements on UI and UX.
    Fixes on some JS and recommendation bugs.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.2.1
    todayDate: 11.04.2019
    Turkish language support.
    Improvements on UX.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.2.0
    todayDate: 02.04.2019
    Improvements on design, theme, and colors.
    Update on internal API.
    Update on deep learning model for more accuracy.
    New artists, albums, and songs to database.
    Main open graph tags and meta tags for social media.
  • info_outlineVersion: 0.1.0
    todayDate: 12.03.2019
    Things are generally expected to work but anything can break with any upgrade.